leslie snyder's biography
       after 20 years experience in the commercial field, leslie has the capability and talents to fill any request a client may have. growing up in front of the camera, modeling since she was a child, has given her a greater understanding of the commercial world from both sides of the camera.

     with extensive experience working with a wide and varied client base including print and video, fashion and catalogue, editorial and executive, model testing and much more, her talents, experience and understanding of the many aspects of the commercial market enable her to be a valuable asset to any team. whether doing makeup artistry and hair styling, on figure styling, product styling or any aspect of production assistance or private instruction, her professional style comes through.

     "regardless of the location, timeline or requests, i have total confidence in my ability to consistently surpass the expectations of my clients in all aspects."
"i love my work! i try to make every job as fun and easy as possible for everyone involved."
               - leslie

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