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should i come to you with my hair washed or not?
   show up at your hairstylist with clean, dry hair. in the old days, when we didn't have hair products, brides were told to come in with one-day-old hair because a little bit of dirt gave hair more substance to work with. now, we have fantastic hair products that the stylist will add as needed.

what if i want flowers in my hair?
   if you want to wear flowers in your hair, have a professional florist who knows how to handle delicate blooms put wires in the end of them for your hairstylist.

what products do you use for hairstyling?
   the most invaluable product in my tool kit is redken water wax. it smothes down each section of hair and makes it shiny and smooth, and just barely stiff, not sticky or waxy.

what types of spray shine to you use?
   i always finish my bridal sityles with spray shine; my favorites: bed head head rush and aquage beyond shine.


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